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Local Universities Improve Placement in Macleans Rankings

The Waterloo Region Record reported today that both Waterloo universities moved up in the annual Maclean’s rankings of Canadian univesities. The University of Waterloo took second place in the category of best overall university in Canada, behind McGill and ahead of UBC. WLU was ranked 10th in the “comprehensive” category – schools that have a

Kids at Laurelwood help out Kenya

See the full story in the Waterloo Record Caroline Jepkoech and Ezekiel Kemboi will carry 58 pairs of cleats, 15 soccer balls, a dozen shin guards, books, volleyball nets and soccer uniforms in their own luggage when they fly home to Kenya on Wednesday night. The Kenyan marathoners will deliver the goods directly to the

Caledon quarry rejection may be good news for Woolwich

After 13 years of fighting an application for the creation of a quarry in Caledon (near Mississauga) the OMB has turned down the application. The OMB ruled that the proposed Rockfort Quarry could possibly have a “catastrophic impact” on the surrounding environment if measures to guard against potential problems did not work. The Coalition of

How Conestogo Got Its Name – Part 2

In Part 1 called How Conestogo Got Its Name – Part 1 I offered some background into the relationship between Conestogo Ontario and an area in southeastern Pennsylvania where the name originated. Actually it is not correct to suggest that Conestogo Ontario was named after the town called Conestoga in Lancaster Pennsylvania. As I mentioned

Why Do We Need the OMB?

The Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) has been around for a long time. It was established in 1897 by the Province of Ontario as the “Ontario Railway and Municipal Board”. Its role was to oversee the finances of municipal governments and supervise and coordinate the expansion of the railway system between different municipal jurisdictions in the

Is There an Election Happening?

It is not hard to see why the local citizenry is completely apathetic about the upcoming October 25 municipal election. There is no buzz, no discussion, no debate, no coverage or commentary in the local media. Just silence. It may be because most local people feel there are no municipal issues worth getting worked up

Some Late Summer Photos

After a great summer, fall is gradually moving in on us. Talking on your cell phone while driving is now against the law. How about taking pictures out the window? It’s been a fantastic growing year for the corn around here. One day it’s green. The next day it’s brown. If the “authorities” get their