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Cherry upstages Ford – plays the buffoon

Quite the circus in Toronto today at the swearing in of new mayor Rob Ford. Don Cherry, Ford’s “special guest” shows up in his “pinko” jacket and then hangs the chain on Ford, as if he was the Archbishop of Hockeyville or sumpin’. Then in his speech he lambastes the “left wing kooks” who Ford

B.C., Alberta First Nations oppose Enbridge pipeline

No one familiar with the Enbridge pipeline proposal should be surprised that First Nations groups affected by the proposal have banded together to oppose it. The proposed pipeline would carry unrefined bitument from the Alberta oil sands across the Rocky Mountains to the town of Kitimat on the Pacific Ocean. Alternative route to move oil

Harper Govt says No to Potash buyout

The federal government today announced that it was rejecting the hostile takeover of Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan. This bid had been in the works for almost 3 months and has created quite a fuss in Saskatchewan. Prime Minister Stephen Harper had previously indicated that he considered the takeover a fairly routine buyout of a company

Battle Over SunNEWS TV Channel

In this video from early September Kory Teneycke, then a VP with SunNews TV and a former top aide to Stephen Harper, and Ricken Patel of square off over the application by Sun media to the CRTC to start a cable news station called SunNews. The proposed new station has been dubbed “Fox News

Alberta Oil Sands – Disaster or Bonanza?

Bitumen has been flowing naturally into the Athabasca River for thousands of years. This is the way most of us think of the Alberta oil sands: humungous equipment and open pit mining. Surmont project north of Fort Macmurray – Newer projects in the oil sands do not use open pit mining. Most Canadians are blissfully

Can RIM Survive in the SmartPhone Game?

This week Apple CEO Steve Jobs criticized his main competitors in the smartphone market place – RIM and Google (owners of the Android operating system). Legions of Apple lovers hang on every word from Jobs, and that includes many journalists and bloggers. So it is no wonder that this story got a lot of widely

George Galloway, British Activist Arrives in Canada

Last year British member of parliament George Galloway was labeled a supporter of Hamas by Jason Kenney, Canada’s immigration minister. That resulted in Galloway being denied entry into the country for a speaking tour. Here’s an interview from “The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos” from May 2009. Galloway was recently cleared as a security threat by